*Playable but missing some features

*Currently (almost) no win screen

*Currently damn hard to win anyway

Ask and answer the question- Are You Alone? This is a life and dating sim about trying to balance unbalanceable things with limited resources. Don't expect a typical dating sim, this definitely isn't it. A fully text-based adventure.

How will you cope with life and loneliness? Try to win the game by finding happiness or fulfillment before life drags you down too much. Balance your happiness, focus, pride, money and more. Keep your friends and relationships happy, and most importantly be proud of yourself! Good luck!

Are You Alone? is my first solo project to date.  It's not really something people are likely to enjoy, it's more about telling my story- and the story of a lot of people struggling with the same things, perhaps. Please don't donate, especially not right now. It's not worth any money.

Game behavior code is entirely mine, though the assets for the Terminal, the sound, and the code handling the terminal (sending messages from the user to the code and vice versa) come from the Udemy course by GameDev.tv: https://www.udemy.com/unitycourse2/learn/v4/overview I used their terminal as a timer saver.

A note about perspective: This game is written from the point of view of a straight man, which is why the game focuses primarily on dating women, as that's my experience. I don't feel like I'm informed enough, nor that it'd be appropriate, to cover other points of view given the somewhat serious nature of the game.

Published 14 days ago
StatusIn development
TagsDating Sim, depression, text-based
Average sessionA few minutes

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great job on this game, even though you didnt finish it yet! i can see what you are trying to do here and im loving it. the concept is really good and i like this system. please make those relationship features so people can actually simulate a date. anyways, great game! i really liked it.

Thanks dude! As of patch 0.1.2 dating features are almost fully implemented and the game is overall more balanced, fleshed out, and playable. Feel free to check it out again sometime if feel like it!